Green Homes Maui Services

Deciding to "Go Green"

It’s hard to miss the buzz surrounding the nation’s enthusiasm for the current green movement. It seems that suddenly everyone wants to ‘do the right thing’ – to save on energy costs, to live healthier, and do whatever they can to stave off global warming. The truth is that homeowners are in a unique position to actually make a difference. Nearly 90% of Hawaii’s energy is produced by burning fossil fuel, all of which is imported to the islands at an annual cost of approximately $2.5 billion. Home energy use accounts for 40% of this figure or nearly $1 billion. Making simple, low-cost changes in your home can save millions of dollars statewide and stop millions of tons of carbon from entering the atmosphere.

Whether you are motivated by wanting to ‘save the Earth’ or save your bank account from ever rising energy costs, Green Homes Maui helps you increase comfort and value while decreasing consumption and cost.

Go Green Now

Deborah Kremins, Realtor with Coldwell Banker Island Properties and Certified EcoBroker, expertly weaves her knowledge of the Maui Real Estate Market with her professional expertise in Energy Systems, Environmental Education, and Permaculture into a unique and exciting service called Green Homes Maui. Green Homes Maui provides simple, inexpensive solutions that help you live green now!

Buying a Green Home

Deborah helps buyers find homes with green features; from high-performance homes completely off the grid to traditional homes with hidden green potential. She guides you to money-saving Green Mortgages and to other ‘green’ professionals. Green Homes Maui helps home owners identify existing green features and additional energy and cost-saving opportunities that immediately add equity to your home.

"Greening" Your Home

Deborah tours your home and land with you to discuss your goals and budget for ‘greening’. For example, sunny, dry locations may benefit from simple no-tech solutions such as better insulation, strategic shading, double pane low E windows, or low-tech solutions such as attic fans or solar hot water.

Benefits of Going Green

Your yard and water bill will benefit from planting natives or other low/no maintenance plants that look great and don’t require watering once established. Deborah reviews the benefit and cost of each step, guides you to licensed professionals, and helps you select the projects that match your needs and budget.

Homes with green features are healthier, perform better, last longer, and are easier to maintain. In the long run, owners of green homes in Hawaii save energy, save money, preserve the environment, and help improve the state’s economy, all at the same time.

Learn More

Deborah donates 2% of her commission from all home sales to organizations working to preserve Maui’s natural environment. For more information, please call Deborah Kremins at 808.280.7737.